It was there all along
Eureka! Revelation. The Big Idea. ITS a tough solve, but for our team a mind altering proposition. ​​​​​​​

An initiative from The Heist
Creative & Art Direction - Anecdote (Sebastien Camden & Vincent Raineri) & The Heist
Lead Animator - Prajay Mehta & Anecdote
2D animation - Arturo Acevedo, Kyle Castro, Anecdote
3D animation - Doki (Josselin Bey & Jean-Christophe Henry & Stefano Gemmellaro), 
Ben Marley, Vincent Raineri
Cel animation - Vince Hurtu
Sound Design & Mixing - Joseph K Sims
Associate Head of Production - Stefan Feldmann
Production Coordinator - Alexandra Roberts
Senior Films Producer - Will Dickson
Executive Creative Director - Michael Kern
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