In November 2021, to inaugurate its boutique in the heart of Griffintown, Bouclair commissioned Rodeo FX to create the content for their new urban showcase. To mark the 2022 summer season, we renewed the animations and content on display. The on-site screen, which is the largest outdoor screen in the city of Montreal, allows passers-by to interact with the content occurring on the screen. We directed some brand content for the screen featured in the new urban showcase of Bouclair.
Agence: Rodeo Fx
Client: Bouclair
Director & Art Direction: Vincent Raineri
3D Animation & Editing:
Josselin Bey - Stefano Gemmellaro -Jean-Christophe Henry
Production: Julia Nau - Alexandre Rousseau
Technical Direction: Nicolas Dubé-Pauzé
Progamming: Samuel Tremblay
Music: Michael Anctil

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